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Welcome to GnBA Gaming

GnBA Gaming was founded on February 3, of 2013. The clan is open to everyone, and opens new features to the community quite often. For more information on the clan, rankings, and features visit the wiki at or simply click the "wiki" button on the far right of the header.

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You already know about the clan being founded on Feb. 3rd, 2013. But what you probably didn't know is the clan was actually founded before then. The clan used to fly under the name of GnB, until the "February 3rd update". That's when everything changed. The name was changed, along with many other things about GnBA. So what changed the most? The owners. As of the February 3rd update the owners had to take on what could be considered a challenge. They had to learn computer languages such as HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP, etc. It was what could be consider a burden. Along the path of learning, the owners split into two departments. GnBA Duubz handles the coding, whilst GnBA Blake handles users, and support. The informational road ends here, however drop by the wiki for more information about the owners, the clan, rankings, etc.

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